Thursday, 8 September 2016

Yuzu & Cocoa Bubbleroon

A good bath bomb is my favourite bath time companion, without one I don't feel there is a point and you may as well just take a shower and save on water. Lush bath bombs and bubble bars are my unquestionable go to products, there is always so much choice and variety and I always get stuck in and sniff each one to see what one I like. I cut up the bath bombs or bubble bars into chunks so each bomb or bubble bar normally lasts me around four baths.

This bubble bar is a radiant yellow, and in the shape of a macaroon, it grabbed my attention as soon as I saw it because it looked so decadent and luxurious. It smells like chocolate and coconut - it makes me think of sunshine and cocktails! If you're getting sad that Summer is on its way out and Autumn is looming then this sweet bath treat will make you feel like you're swirling in a cool turquoise pool in the Caribbean sipping a piña colada. 

I crumbled a quarter of the macaroon into the bath and the bath, the water turns a yellow colour which may put some people off but it makes me think of sunflowers and a bright summer day. This is a very nourishing and moisturising bubbleroon and it is vegan and made from natural ingredients. Ingrdients include cocoa butter and shea butter, banana, avocado butter and grapefruit oil - so this bubbleroon will make you feel fresh, revitalised and properly pampered. The yuzu and cocoa bubbleroon contains moisturising ingredients which leaves your skin super soft and silky. I would recommend this product if you want a relaxing and luxurious bath that brings you sunshine whatever time of the year. 

Lush | Yuzu & Cocoa Bubbleroon

I bought this product in Lush in Leicester and it costs £3.95. Feel free to let us know what your favourite bath bomb is! See you next time :)


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