Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Is True Equality Ever Achievable?

Because One Can Hope.

Equality, whether it be between the sexes, between the races, or between the LBGTQ+ community. Somewhere someone is fighting for the equality that they deserve. In today’s society the struggle for Muslims to achieve equality in the west is more difficult than ever. In the middle east females are struggling with issues of FGM. In America the divide between 

African Americans and other American groups is also regressing.
In times like this it is hard to see the end to inequalities happening any time soon. Even in the most successful countries such as the UK, inequality is very much present. Laws such as ‘The Equal Pay Act 1970’ do not seem to be tackling the pay gap between male and female counterparts.

The inequality lies much deeper than the law. Anything and everything lies key to the cause of inequalities. Whether this be the education system, cultural values or tradition. Sociologically speaking it has been found that the stop and search crime is actually a way of targeting minorities in the UK due to institutional racism.

So the question is can we somehow reverse all of the past and cause equality? My personal answer is no. I certainly think we have made some huge progress over the past 10 years in achieving equality in some aspects such as the legalization of gay marriage across the United States. But we have also regressed in some areas, especially in racist tensions.
Inequality is becoming more transparent with the emergence of social media. For example, I go onto one music video starring a female in a bikini, the comments will be filled with “wow put some clothes on”, where as a male counterpart will get comments such as “sexy”.

Equality has reached its peaked and we are now regressing. We can only get somewhat close. Even now we have a very long way to go to even achieve some sense of equality.
So whether we do achieve 100% true equality, it will not be in our lifetimes that’s for sure.

Comment Question- 
Do you believe that equality can be achieved globally whether this be equality between the sexes, races or homosexuals?


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