Sunday, 12 June 2016

Our Big Day Out - 7th June 2016

After a busy year of stressful university work, exams and coursework. It was finally time to treat ourselves and indulge in the little pleasures of life. For us that meant a day out together to have our nails done, go shopping and watch a movie. Grab your tea and have a nose into what we got up to on this very special day.

10:00am- Jasmine and I had both gotten ready and travelled to the bus stop to arrive in Leicester city centre to go and get our nails done. Not only was it a sunny day, but the bus driver let us on for free! This was the best way to start the day.

10:30am- Jasmine and I arrived at 'the Beauty refinery' in Leicester city centre. Located at 101 London Road, Leicester. We both chose to have shellac nails, but instead the beautician recommended 'glamlac' nails. Which we were both a little uncertain on at first on whether this was a knock off or not. However we were both very happy with the nails, and the lady who did our nails was very friendly and we are considering going back for another treatment soon. Considering I have very short nails, the beautician did a excellent job for what she was given to work with. However the cuticle treatment was uncomfortable, this involved the lady pushing back the cuticle and cutting it with a small device. Shellac nails at this location retail for £25, and they take around 45 minutes to apply.

Pictured- Top left Amelia's nails, bottom right Jasmine's nails.

11:30am- It had been a couple of hours since we had eaten our breakfast, so as you can expect we were both very hungry. We chose an independent cafe in Leicester city centre called 'Holly's'. Located at 13-15 St Martins street, City Centre, Leicester, LE1 5DE. As a constant Holly's visitor, I have to say the service here is impeccable, the food is tasty and the prices are student friendly. Jasmine had a avocado, goats cheese and pepper wrap with salad. The bang for your buck was amazing as we were both left full. Jasmine spent around £5 for her wrap and a bottle of water. I chose a Jacket potato with cheese, beans and salad. Again I spent around £5 for the meal and a bottle of water. We were both impressed by Holly's and would highly recommend this cafe.

Pictured- Jasmines salad wrap.

Pictured- Amelia's jacket potato.

12:30am- We travelled into the city centre and decided to do some shopping. I have to say we did not see many items we wished to buy. We both had a Starbucks, Jasmine chose a strawberries and cream frappuccino, and I had a chocolate frappuccino. We spent around £5 for these drinks together. Jasmine bought a face mask from lush- cosmetic warrior £6.75. You can read her review here. I also bought a charm from pandora, which had a daisy detail. This charm retailed for £45.

Pictured- Pandora Charm.

Pictured- Cosmetic Warrior face mask.

3:00pm- We arrived home from our busy day out. We decided to put a film on Netflix but instead we both fell asleep half way through.

5:00pm- We decided to go for a walk to wake ourselves up and have some dinner. We both had toast due to feeling so full from lunch.

It was a fantastic day out and a much needed day to spend on ourselves.

Comment Question- What is your favourite way to spend time for yourself?


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