Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Holiday Travel Bag: What’s Inside?

because we all like to take a little bit of home with us.

When travelling I have to take a travel bag full of goodies to keep myself occupied for the trip ahead. I also might have a tendency to over pack. However, I do pack the essentials for the long journey ahead.

This year I am going on a cruise around the Mediterranean. Although I do not have to get on a plane as we board in Southampton, I still feel like a travel bag is essential. When deciding to pack an item I always ask myself three questions. Is the item going to occupy my time? Is the item going to comfort me? Is the item small? This is to ensure I know I am not bringing an item just for the sake of it. Here are my travel bag essentials.

Firstly, decide on a bag. Think of small here. Too big will be annoying to move around and too small will not carry all your essentials. Here I opted for a rucksack. This is because the weight will be distributed on my back evenly, it is easy to carry and it has the perfect amount of room.

Pictured- New Look Bag. £20.

Time is next. What will occupy me while we are sitting in traffic or waiting to board. For me usually I would opt for a book on a flight, but since this moment will be few and far between I chose a magazine. I usually choose fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazines.

Pictured- Cosmopolitan Magazine. £1.

As for Comfort I always pack some ibuprofen (just in case) and any other medication I might need. Recently I purchased some anxiety chewing gum and mouth spray to help with any anxiety I experience on the day. I would highly recommend anyone with anxiety carry these products around as they are great for on the go.

Pictured- Nelsons Bach Rescue Spearmint Chewing Gum. £4.89. Nelsons Bach Rescue Remedy Spray. £10.69.

Finally, just add some small essentials such as your purse, passport, sunglasses and a bottle of water. Ladies ensure to take sanitary options. You are then good to go.
I wish you all a great holiday wherever you are going.

Comment Question- 
What is one item that you like to pack in your travel bag?


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New look leather look bag- http://www.newlook.com/shop/womens/bags-and-purses/pink-leather-look-backpack_381702170?extcam=UK_PPC_PLA_3817212_CR_86246095354_DV_c_PPI_259169086114&tmcampid=155&tmad=c&tmplaceref=UK_PPC_PLA_3817212_CR_86246095354_DV_c_PPI_259169086114&gclid=Cj0KEQjwo5--BRCS8ceLjv-XppUBEiQAGp15EH3KrvRPLZyDzZNW-TDQboKJ5GWPopPqLAk9otz3uPQaAtL78P8HAQ

Cosmopolitan- Available at most supermarkets and WHSmith.

Nelson Bach's Rescue Remedy Products- http://www.hollandandbarrett.com/shop/product/nelsons-rescue-remedy-spray-60082650

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