Monday, 29 August 2016

Cat Calling

Another way the patriarchy sexualizes the female body.

Picture this a grown woman walking down the street, minding her own business when a car drives past her, beeping their horns and yelling obscenities out of the window such as ‘whore’. A group of males fantasying over the image of a girl in jeans and a t-shirt. Using every ounce of their male privilege to prove that the patriarchy still exists and is still real. Making the girl feel harassed, embarrassed and unimportant.

That girl a few weeks ago was me. I knew cat calling happened, but I never expected it would happen to me. Despite what you think, cat calling happens to everyone. Young, Old, Black, White, Tall, Short, Rich and Poor. Even a minor number of males might experience this small part of inequality in-just.

You see Cat Calling might be flattering for the few. But for the majority it is very much so ‘street harassment’. This very much goes hand in hand with the rape culture society with live in. If a male feels powerful enough to street harass a woman, he might feel more power to physically assault another woman.

Society has normalised this type of behaviour, due to years of living in a patriarchal society. And the end of this behaviour does not seem to be in the near future. And if I am 100% honest I doubt that cat calling will ever completely diminish.

So how can we minimise cat calling? Education. Education is the key to socialising males and females into the right behaviour for adult life. Feminism needs to be taught in schools more. It is also up to local councils to police street harassment. Finally, it is up to feminists to campaign again this harassment.

There is a way to tell a woman that she is attractive without making her feel like an object for your satisfaction.

Comment Question- Have you ever been cat called? How did you feel at the time?


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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Time to moisturise! What I’m currently using to moisturise my face for normal to combination/oily skin (Day + night)

Moisturising your face in particular is a very important beauty and skin health step which you shouldn’t skip. Even if you have oily acne prone skin it’s essential that you moisturise and use slightly different products for day and night time care.
Personally I have normal to oily/combination skin and when I choose a moisturiser I try a pick ones that are non-greasy, fast absorbing and that leave the skin either with a matte finish or a none-dewy, over shiny finish. But I still like to feel my skin is soft and hydrated. I don’t use oil based moisturisers as these tend to make my skin greasy.

My new favourite moisturising cream to put on my face at night (or when I know I won’t leave the house) is Garnier’s ‘PureActive Matte Control’ moisturiser which is an anti-shine moisturiser which is meant to improve the size of pores and blemishes. It contains salicylic acid and airlicium which are both active ingredients. The airlicium is a super mattifying and sebum absorbing ingredient and the salicylic acid helps control blemishes and pores. I really like this product as it really is feather light and comfortable and definitely leaves a non-shiny look to the skin. My skin has improved since using the product and it really is important to cleanse the skin before applying moisturiser, both in the morning and the night. I don’t think the formula is too harsh on the skin either, it moisturises with its active ingredients which doesn’t completely strip away the skin’s natural moisture. If you have combination to oily skin then this moisturiser is worth a try and I bought mine in Asda for £3.99 but it was on offer at the time.

For the day, I’m currently using Olay ‘Total Effects 7 in one Feather Weight Moisturiser’ and this is SPF 15 and does contain UVA protection too and are both really important. My preferred way of applying this for oily to combination skin is with a beauty sponge and dab it into the face and neck. I feel if I apply and blend with my fingers my face gets quite dewy otherwise and it does sometimes sweat off on really hot days. The smell of this moisturiser is really subtle but really nice, a very faint floral fragrance which is what I like from a day moisturiser. Another good point is the texture is really smoothing and light. I do feel my pores look a lot better and imperfections smoothed out but I haven't been completely blown away by this product.

Although I do believe that young people need to be aware of the effects of the sun as well as protecting ourselves from it, by choosing moisturisers with UVA and UVB protection, I would say that this product is not the perfect product for young skin. However, it is a good SPF cream which is not oil based. I think this moisturiser is really suited to normal to slightly dry skin types because it does give a slightly dewy look and can make the face melt for oily skin types. In the future I probably wouldn't repurchase it after I have used it because I prefer a matte finish. The moisturiser cost me about £10 and I bought it in Boots.

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Jasmine x