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Ways To Combat Freshers Flu

The first year of University will always been known as the freshers flu year. The constant warning from siblings, teachers and peers was not enough for us to believe such a thing existed, however this flu is very much so real. Not only does it occupy your body for a Month, but it also plays a trick on you by leaving your body for a few days and then returning twice as bad.

So what are the symptoms of the dreaded freshers flu? Anything from sweats, headaches, sickness, nausea, runny nose, sore throat, achy muscles and diarrhoea. Your lectures will be full of the sounds of coughing. Luckily for you I can help you prevent getting freshers flu and also try to recover from having this virus.

1) Eating healthy and exercising- 
This goes without saying. Of course students have a lot of takeouts especially in freshers week. I was lucky enough to be a catered student where breakfast and dinner were made by a University chef for students, these tended to be more on the nutritious side. (However I hated being a catered student). However if you are a non-catered student I recommend eating whole foods, fruits and vegetables. Of course carbohydrates are important because you will need a lot of energy to make it through long days. Exercising goes along with this, even if you are not a big exerciser things like walking to the supermarket and to university make a big difference.

2) Stay hydrated- 

Cliche again but a few glasses of water is important. I am not going to blag on about the benefits of drinking water but it will do wonders for your health. Take a bottle of water to University to drink during lectures to ensure you are getting your daily intake.

3) Avoid drugs and excessive alcohol- 
Unfortunately freshers is one big drug trading ground. If someone offers you any type of drug please decline. Not only would you possibly regret this, but it is also bad for your health. This includes smoking. Of course at freshers you want to drink, however the constant week long of drinking is bad for your health, I would recommend on some nights having less alcohol and trying to keep your water intake high due to alcohols dehydrating properties. Caffeine should also be kept minimal.

4) Vitamins-
As mentioned previously your diet tends to be lack lustre as student. Simply swallowing a vitamin tablet can ensure you are getting your intake of each essential vitamin.

5) Juice-
During freshers I drank a lot of juice, especially orange juice. This is because the juice contained vitamin C which can boost the immune system. While this might not cure freshers flu it can help the healing process.

6) Rest- 
Sleep really does have a big difference on your health. This will also help your energy levels and ensure that you can party the night after. 

7) If all else fails visit the doctors-
As soon as your arrive at Uni, register with your nearest GP. They can always give you some health advice if you find yourself with freshers flu.

8) Have fun-

Ultimately freshers is about fun and making friends. You can have the ultimate freshers experience while also looking after your health.

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