Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Nail Hacks

For some of us painting our nails is a time for ourselves but for others its a stressful process. Some of us even opt for a professional manicure. For me its the case of always messing up one nail. However I do love the look of a finished manicure and have come a long way in doing it myself. 

My first ultimate tip would be to take control of your diet. Diet can have impact on nail growth and strength. So eating a balanced diet including fruit, vegetables and whole foods is a positive. You can also take vitamins which provide essential vitamins and minerals for nail growth.

Here you can see all the products I use this includes 'strengthening' nail varnish remover (do not know if this is actually strengthening or just a gimmick), cotton pads, nail clippers, a tool to remove dirt under the nail / cuticle remover, nail strengthener polish and a colour of my choice (Lilac Wine by Maybelline). The proper tools can make your manicure look better and last longer. I choose to use the strengthener as a base coat and currently I choose not to use a top coat because I find nail varnish harder to remove and ultimately I like to change my nail varnish multiple times a week.

To achieve this look I removed my nail varnish and then I went on to nail care. This included removing the dirt from under my nail, pushing back my cuticle to give the illusion of a bigger nail bed and applying the strengthener. This does take an extra 5 minutes of time but it does give a better finish. 

Ensure to shake the nail varnish before use to ensure the product is mixed. Applying nail varnish in two coats gives the best opacity and will ensure that the nail varnish lasts longer. The only tip i have for application is ensure you are applying on a flat surface and take your time. The more practise the better. You can also clean around the nail with a cotton pad, but I find that any mistakes usually remove themselves naturally.

You can choose pictured below is the finished result. Obviously it is not perfect but like I said before I have come a long way. I honestly loved this colour on me and it would suit all skin tones. I have ensured to link the products below for you.

Comment Question- What nail varnish colour do you have too many of?


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Maybelline Colour Show Nail Polish  in 'Lillac Wine' £2.99 - http://www.boots.com/en/Maybelline-Color-Show-Nail-Polish_1838550/
Strengthener (Not the one shown but similar £9- https://www.boots.com/en/Nails-inc-Tough-Love-Nail-Strengthening-Treatment_1822096/

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